• Lisa Oland, LPC

    Lisa Oland, LPC

    Intakes Scheduled for February 2021

    I believe we all strive to be our most authentic self; yet in the culture we live in we are told what and how to be our most authentic self. We live in complicated times and are constantly receiving input in how to look, do, think, behave, or what we should strive for. In the counseling session the hope is to get to the bottom line of the problem, and at times this straightforward approach works! However, looking at all aspects of the matter, I will use a multicultural approach to your specific concern. I am aware we all have biases. I have biases! I work really hard on

    “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” -Carl Rogers


    My approach to therapy is to have you set your goals and I will support you achieving them. I will challenge you if you are avoiding a goal and together, we will address the avoidance and come up with a solution to adjust your goal. It’s up to you to decide what you want to get out of therapy, but I will make sure you have goals. I am a person-centered and solution-focused therapist (hence you are in charge) and specialize in women’s issues, LGBTQ+, stress disorders and addiction. I have a diverse educational background and have spent several years concentrating on each of those issues to be better informed, rather than making assumptions.

    Providing treatment for teens and adults aged 16 – 65+ years of age.
    Insurance accepted: PacificSource Commercial, OHP PacificSource Community Solutions, MODA, HealthNet, Regence, Providence


    • Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence: I use a wide range of therapy for the treatment of IPV/DV. We will have an emphasis on core beliefs and values to start and move onto other maladaptive thought patterns. I use CBT to notice and bring awareness to thoughts and then will help you reappraise those unhelpful thought patterns. You made choices only through what you learned and knew. Be kind to yourself!
    • Anxiety Disorders: I am trained in Exposure and Response Therapy (ERP), which is a useful tool for obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) as well as posttraumatic stress.
    • Trauma & Stress Disorders: In addition to ERP, I use narrative therapy with an individual. Narrative therapy allows the individual to share their story and give the individual an opportunity to rewrite their story or reparent themselves.
    • Grief & Loss: I have held many workshops on grief and loss throughout the last four years. We will debunk myths around grief and create space to lean into those losses that have occurred in your life.
    • Life Transitions: Not every life transition is expected and accounted for. I find acceptance and commitment therapy an excellent way for an individual to come to reckon with challenges coming from the spinning ball of thoughts that bring emotional upheaval in your life.
    • Self-Compassion & Mindfulness: I am big on being kind to yourself. I believe there is no point in doing the work you set out to do if you cannot give yourself a break from past mistakes. Mindfulness teaches you to be in the present, rather than meandering into the past or future.

    Therapies Utilized: Exposure and Response Therapy (ERP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness

    Personal interests: Anything outdoors is where I am the happiest. I love to work in my yard, grow things (and sometimes kill things), create flower gardens and beds, and hike with my pup Rosie. I love my fur babies – Mabel, Rosamonde, Lilith, Sojourner Truth (Soji), and Bun Bun. I am active in the community and hold two civic positions; I am on the board of Springfield Eugene Tenant Association and Lane County Treatment Court.

    Lisa Oland, LPC, NCC
    Licensed Professional Counselor
    National Certified Counselor
    MA in Clinical Mental Health 2017