• Telehealth Services

    Telehealth Services

    Currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic all counseling services are offered via our HIPAA-compliant electronic health platform TherapyNotes. 

    Telehealth virtual sessions are a beneficial option for many clients, whether due to transportation limitations, family needs, personal preference or the need to fit therapy into lunch breaks or time limited schedules. Telehealth virtual sessions allow you to access the services and support you need, from the comfort of your dorm room, home or office.

    To participate in telehealth sessions you’ll need a confidential location, Internet connection and any device with a camera and microphone (such as smart phone, tablet or laptop). Phone sessions can be arranged per request. Our HIPAA-compliant electronic health platform TherapyNotes offers a direct connection between your clinician and you with end-to-end encryption for every call, meaning therapy sessions content is never stored or accessible by others

    Research consistently shows that online treatment is as effective as in-person services for many mental health concerns. While telehealth sessions are appropriate for the majority of clients, if you’re struggling with suicidal, self-harming, or violent thoughts/impulses or behavior we’ll want to engage in in-person services and discuss the treatment options best suited to your needs. Additionally, because of state licensing laws, clinicians at Selah Counseling & Wellness are currently limited to provide telehealth sessions to clients located in the state of Oregon.