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    At Selah Counseling & Wellness we’re about treating the whole person. While we believe in the inherent strengths of each individual, we also recognize there are times in life when we choose to seek professional guidance and support to navigate and cope with life stresses.  Therapy is an opportunity to engage in a safe, non-judgmental relationship where you are able to be seen, heard and understood that is often unique to the counseling relationship.  This can lead to act as a “corrective emotional experience” that is often impactful and healing.  Therapy often includes support, feedback, encouragement, psychoeducation (fancy word for providing information/education) and skill-building but therapists shouldn’t be giving advice or answers.

    At Selah Counseling & Wellness we offer child, teen, adult, couples and family therapy as well as integrative care opportunities with our partner, Bryce Family Medicine.  Our clinical staff are trained in a variety of theoretical orientations and therapies and the research has shown that the therapeutic relationship itself is the most significant component to successful client outcomes.  We look forward to future collaboration with dietetics, massage and additional services as we grow and expand.

    Our practice specializes in treating individuals, couples and families and we offer comprehensive services dealing with: