Brennon Roth, LPC

I am a passionate therapist who aims to help every client I see to live their lives to the fullest potential that is possible for them. I believe in the power of helping you to  understand your already existing strengths and how to use these strengths to overcome painful and difficult experiences from your past or experiences that you are currently facing. I strive to create a safe environment where you feel secure and respected, where your beliefs and values are understood and valued, and where you feel comfortable with sharing your story. My desire is to empower you to face difficulties and challenges with confidence and hope.

Brennon works with teens & adults, Ages 15+

Brennon Roth, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor
MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2019

Insurances Accepted

  • PacificSource Community Solutions OHP
  • Trillium OHP
  • Oregon Health Plan DMAP/Open Card
  • PacificSource Health Commercial Insurance
  • Providence
  • Regence / BlueCross
  • Cash pay

What I'm Like as a Therapist

I am transparent, invested, and reliable in my work. I often tailor therapy to fit the individual needs of each client I work with while incorporating solution-focused approaches. I aim and desire to create a therapeutic environment that feels encouraging, yet challenging. I tend to be sarcastic and try to find the humor whenever possible. My faith is the foundation of my therapeutic work but I will not force this one anyone.

Personal Interests

I enjoy spending time with my partner and going on spontaneous adventures together. I love traveling and going to different national parks and road trips are restful for me. I also relax by reading, biking, baking, and drawing. My faith is very grounding for me and provides a source of hope.

"It’s good to make sacrifices for things that are meaningful to us.”


Mood Disorder

Depression and anxiety both can be experienced throughout our lives in many different ways. It is important that each of us cultivates a use of coping skills that can help us manage these symptoms. I utilize different aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and systematic desensitization to help address the core issues of anxiety and depression.

Trauma Healing

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is a therapeutic method for processing trauma. I use mindfulness, somatic, and ego state interventions to assist with processing traumatic events that prevents healing.

Grief and Loss

I have experience and passion helping individuals who are experiencing grief and bereavement concerns. I also have a passion with helping these individuals hold to their values and beliefs amidst the confusion they may be experiencing.

Therapies Utilized

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy (CBT)

Solution Focused