Wendie Moynihan, MA

The world around us can seem unforgiving, even brutal sometimes. How can we find relief from our internal negativity when so many people around us misunderstand who we are and what we struggle with? I’ve worked with people who struggle with self-concept to such a degree that they lost the ability to define their own wants and needs. Their sense of value has taken such a hit that it is nearly impossible to stand tall with a strong sense of self. I believe that is more common than we realize.

Wendie works with adults, ages 18+

Wendie Moynihan, MA
Professional Counselor Associate
MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Clinical Supervisors: Leah Chance, LPC & Scott Waters, LPC

Insurances Accepted

  • PacificSource Community Solutions OHP
  • Trillium OHP
  • Oregon Health Plan DMAP/Open Card
  • PacificSource Health Commercial Insurance
  • Providence
  • Regence / BlueCross
  • Cash pay

What I'm Like as a Therapist

I’m passionate about supporting those who find themselves facing challenges which seem beyond their ability to manage the overwhelm, anxiety, or depression. I believe that building a therapeutic relationship is the cornerstone of the counseling experience. Based on this principle, I bring a warm, non-judgmental approach into the therapy room. I believe that everyone can experience healing and wholeness when a safe place is provided to explore and process your life experience. A place that feels free to share your story, where your strengths are emphasized, and we collaborate to discover solutions for challenges you face. I rely on evidence-based theories I therapy which include dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy and have a strong focus on trauma informed techniques and skills. I have a holistic and integrated approach drawing cognitive, behavioral, attachment, trauma focused, and development theories together. 

Personal Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, pet cuddles, music, movies, and thrift shopping. I especially love cooking for others.

"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost."


Mood Disorders & Anxiety

I have years of experience coming alongside individuals struggling with depression, anxiety and related and am equipped to support you to identify triggers as well as develop coping skills to reduce symptoms.

Chronic Illness

Living with the realities of chronic illness can bring up a lot of emotions on a daily basis. We can process this experience as well as equipe you with coping skills in your toolbox to help with the struggle.


It is an honor to be invited into someone’s healing journey and to partner with them in processing trauma wounds and stories. Creating one’s own interpretation of what has happened to them, but not what is them, can help shift one’s identity and perspective toward choice, empowerment and life.

Therapies Utilized

Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy (CBT)

Dialectical Behavioral
Therapy (DBT)