Sarah May, L.Ac.

As we go through life we all experience traumas of different types and intensities. Some may be physical, others emotional, but regardless of the origin, I believe the human body has the ability to tuck away remnants of traumas on a physical level as a part of the response to our life experiences. Over the last 10 years I have witnessed the power of acupuncture to work in the space between the mental, emotional and physical levels and release pain that has no name, diagnosis or dysfunction found on imaging.

Providing treatment for young adults and adults focused on pain reduction of all origins including trauma/PTSD.

Sarah provides acupuncture services for individuals, Ages 16+

Insurances Accepted

  • Oregon Medicaid
  • First Choice Network
  • Moda
  • Multiplan
  • Regence BC/BS
  • PacificSource Commercial
  • PacificSource Community Solutions
  • Trillium

Sarah May is out-of-network with Providence Plans



What I'm Like as an Acupuncturist

My passion is to help my patients to release the holds that life can put on us and live more fully through acupuncture. I often integrate nutrition and lifestyle techniques to propel us forward in your goal of living a more deeply fulfilling life.  Through compassion and connection, I am committed to helping my patients to release anchors that hold you back so you may find yourself more inspired and aligned with your life’s purpose.

Modalities Utilized