Scott Waters, LPC

I genuinely feel privileged to walk alongside people in their therapeutic journey. Your story deserves care and support. When you go through something that is painful or scary, I will help you be able to share that experience in a safe, judgment free space, to be known and cared for. I love helping people understand themselves and their relationships better. I will help you process why your current situation may be connected to your past hurts. It is my goal to equip you to live your best life with confidence and wisdom, knowing that you can face whatever challenges you encounter.

I appreciate your trust in working with me. I work hard to make sure you feel heard and understood while also stretching you in mild discomfort to achieve the goals you have for yourself. I use a Cognitive Behavioral approach to gently confront the conflict you experience to help you bring clarity to your thoughts and values. I utilize the Internal Family Systems approach for the deeper pain that comes from trauma you have experienced. Every version of you from your past deserves to have peace inside you. Your inner child that longs to be known and cared for will learn that their needs were not a burden or too much.

Scott works with teens, couples, families and adults, Ages 13+

Scott Waters, LPC, Clinical Supervisor
Licensed Professional Counselor
MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2014.

Insurances Accepted

  • PacificSource Community Solutions OHP
  • Oregon Health Plan DMAP/Open Card
  • Trillium OHP
  • PacificSource Health Commercial Insurance
  • Providence
  • MODA
  • Regence / BlueCross
  • First Choice / Samaritan / Meritain
  • Kaiser

What I'm Like as a Therapist

I am a growth facilitator. I am a direct and kind therapist that will lovingly support you in your journey. You will experience a warm, safe, and supportive environment to face the deep hurt and challenges that have kept you from having peace in your life. I will help you set goals for yourself that are in alignment with your values. We will collaborate in setting up the steps on the path for achieving your goals and supporting how to take each step in the process. This will likely come with some humor, sarcasm, and from a deep place of compassion.

I’m a human as well as a therapist, meaning I am very real, not perfect. While I am a guide along the journey we take together, I am still in process myself. This will come out in our work together as you do the hard work, you will feel seen and known as I authentically join you in this sacred space we create. Your needs are the focus of every session as we follow the steps in a safe supportive environment.

Personal Interests

I love woodworking and creating beautiful things. I enjoy hiking, paddle boarding, and stargazing. Learning about people and how we function is a turn on… I mean it’s my jam. I become alive when I understand the human experience more deeply.

"... once you are Real, you can't become ugly, except by people who don't understand."


Faith and Spiritual Abuse Recovery

I love helping people work through their faith journey as it is often the foundation of our values and ways of being in the world. I also have experience with how the trust we put in spiritual authorities, such as pastors or church leaders, can be betrayed or abused. Healing this kind of hurt is a process of healing our souls and recapturing our faith. I will help you recover your identity and find alignment with your values, hopefully learning to trust yourself and God again.

Relationship & Couples Counseling

I love helping people in relationships learn how to communicate clearly, set boundaries, and create fulfilling connections. This often means dealing with unresolvable differences, whether in personality or character. It also means addressing past hurts and ways that trust has been broken. And lastly it might include learning the skills to develop relationship growth. Whatever the issue, I will help you learn more about yourself and your partner to create the best relationship possible.

Trauma Processing

I know how painful it can be to live with past hurt that seems to disrupt your everyday life. Learning to deal with and manage this trauma turns open wounds into scars. I use a combination of Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you understand your trauma and move forward, having integrated the pain into your story in a meaningful way. I will help you learn how to thrive instead of just surviving.

Therapies Utilized

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Narrative Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy