Couples Therapy

“You mainly feel the way you think.”

Thank you for your interest in participating in Couples Counseling services with Selah Counseling & Wellness.  We want to explain the process of billing insurance for couples focused work, to offer clarity and provide clients choices in their care.

Billing Insurance:

Insurance providers do not cover therapy solely focused on the relationship or relational dynamics.  To bill insurance, one partner of the relationship will need to be identified as the client.  All services must focus on the client’s symptoms and progress even if their partner is attending therapy services.

  • Cash Pay Services:

    If we are unable to have an identified client and the counseling services are based on solely the relationship, we will need to continue with cash-pay services or provide community referrals.

    Cash Pay 2021 rates, current as of 11/15/2021*

    90791Intake (60min)$172.50
    90846Family w/o patient$120.00
    90847Family w/ patient$131.25
    90840Crisis (add 30min)$59.25

    We’re happy to answer your questions and look forward to connecting!